How to look younger

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How to look younger

Aging is inevitable and very often, our patients will ask our doctors on how they can look younger. Wrinkles starts to form, our hair starts graying out & our skin becomes dull etc. Since this is a common enquiry, we’ve decided to share some of our personalized tips on how you can look younger in this article.
With Singapore being a tropical country with lots of sunshine, the failure to protect our skin from the harmful rays can increase in the chances of developing skin cancer and result in premature aging.  
When should we apply sunscreen? Try to apply it as long as we’re outdoors, not just when we’re heading to the beach for an extended period of time! Majority of our sun exposure occurs during our everyday activities, such as walking down the street & driving. 
Our recommendation is to apply sunscreen on all exposed areas of your skin & reapply at least every 4 hours. Also, do select a sunscreen which is SPF 50 or greater, such as the Skinceuticals Physical Fusion which is available in our Clinic.
When done properly, foundation can actually mask discoloration & enhance our skin tone which gives you a more youthful appearance. However, if too much foundation is applied, it may increase an onlooker’s attention that you’re trying to hide your fine lines.
So how do I apply my foundation properly? Ensure that you do not select a foundation which is too dark nor too light. Also, apply your foundation by lightly tapping it on your skin with a clean sponge.
What happens when you do not get enough shut-eye? Aesthetically speaking, this bad habit aids in the rapid development of wrinkles around your eyes & dark eye circles. Try to stick to a regular sleeping schedule (with seven to eight hours each night) and avoid the consumption of alcohol & caffeine before sleeping (as these causes insomnia).
Help! I already have dark eye circles & wrinkles around my eyes! Fret not! Our doctors are able to use laser treatments for your dark eye circles and you can read more about it here. Wrinkles can also be using botox and/or fillers over here.
It is advisable to select a hair color which matches our skin tone & maintain it. Usually when we’re near our forties, chances are you have a good amount of gray colored hairs springing out. Dark colored dyes requires frequent visits to the hair salon to cover your roots, while light colored hair conceals gray better but it may be more expensive to do so.
It is important to hydrate our skin from within, especially in this hot climate in Singapore. Also, as we grow older, our skin tends to get drier & duller rapidly. It is important to apply moisturizers frequently, such as the Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 which is available in our Clinic. If you wish to hydrate your skin from within, you might want to consider the Skin Boosters & you can read more about it over here. It is also worth noting that drinking at least 8 glasses of water everyday is important as well.
Our teeth tend to become more yellowish as we get older. Regular brushing & flossing of your teeth whitens your teeth and that bright smile makes you look & feel younger. Consider using a whitening toothpaste and avoid consuming coffee & wine on a regular basis as these can stain your teeth. For severe teeth whitening, you might want to consider seeking advice from a professional cosmetic dentist.
Add some good quality & trendy clothing to your wardrobe each season. Accessories works well if they complement our clothes, but do not overdo it with the bling. If affordability isn’t an issue, you might want to have your clothes tailored for the perfect fit.
As we age, our body loses collagen and this in turn makes our skin less elastic. One of the obvious tell-tale signs of aging will be the appearance of saggy cheek & lose skin on our face. Fortunately, we’ve just brought in the Sygmalift HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) which is a non-invasive & painless way to give you that youthful lift! For more information on how the Sygmalift HIFU can help you to look younger, please kindly click here. Threadlifts & surgical lifting are available as well.
Besides the numerous health issues which are associated to cancer, aesthetically speaking, smoking:

  • Makes your wrinkles appear faster which in turn, makes you appear older. This occurs as smoking damages tissues, slows down blood flow to your skin and prevents important vitamins & oxygen from reaching your skin.
  • Smoking makes your teeth yellow and this is common in older adults.
  • Smoking causes eyebags and gives you an overall “tired” appearance. This is due to the damaging effects of inflammation & reduced blood flow to your eyes.

We hope that all of these information were helpful to you. Do let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Alternatively, if you wish to seek more details on how to look younger, please kindly arrange for a consultation with our doctors with our concierge at 6221 8221 or 9726 8856.