Acne commonly plagues us, especially when living in a tropical country such as Singapore. It may affect one’s self-esteem, especially in severe cases.
Many patients came to us seeking for an efficient, painless and quick solution. STOP trying “home remedies” or dodgy beauty salons – It may make your acne worse!
It is extremely important to understand that there are 6 types of acne. Often, a customised solution is needed and you will need an experienced physician with extensive knowledge to treat acne.
What if we told you that there’s actually an effective, painless and quick solution to acne which only takes 15 minutes? In addition, you can lighten any unwanted pigmentation have fairer skin!
Sounds too good to be true? Introducing our Jeisys Tri-Beam Q Switch Laser for Acne!
The Q Switch Laser (aka Nd-Yag Laser) is used for certain procedures. This laser fires a beam of energy at a precise wavelength (1064nm) onto your skin.
The settings of the laser can be tweaked to different frequencies and levels to provide a customized solution as each individual’s condition and skin is different.
The Q Switch laser clears acne works in these main ways:

  • The laser kills of P-acne, the bacteria contributing to acne
  • Minimising secretion of sebaceous glands (aka oil glands) in your skin to regulate oil control.
  • Reducing inflammation of affected pores
  • Reducing acne marks after an unfortunate breakout

  • Clearance of acne marks
  • Prevention of acne and pimples, lesser future outbreaks
  • More controlled oil secretion
  • Brighter and fairer skin

The Q Switch Laser (Jeisys Tri-Beam machine) for acne is approved by the Health Sciences Authority and the procedure is strictly performed by our trained doctors who have over a decade of experience. Furthermore, this procedure is highly specific as the laser only interacts with the treatment area, leaving the surrounding healthy skin unaffected.
However, we would advise pregnant women to avoid this treatment.
The Q Switch Laser is one of the least painful aesthetics procedures and no numbing cream is needed! The laser feels like a “warm sensation” on the skin which is very tolerable.
We’re pleased to inform you that this is no-downtime treatment! There may be a mild flush for approximately 15 minutes after the treatment. You can apply make-up and other cosmetic products, and resume daily activities immediately.
Your investment will depend on the condition and type(s) of acne that you have. The number of required sessions can only be determined during the physical consultation with our doctors. Do check with us on our updated prices.
Your journey to an acne-free skin is just a call away! Do contact our concierge at 62218221 / 97268856 (sms/whatsapp) to book an appointment at the Aesthetics Central Clinic with our doctors.

*Due to the PHMC Act, we’re not allowed to show any “before and after” photos publicly.