Korean Style Eye Surgery

Many ladies envy “Korean Eyes” which are large, round and have defined double eyelids. Have you ever wondered how this can look on you? Good news. No you do not need to travel to Gangnam, Seoul to get this done. Our plastic surgeon who was trained in Korea now makes this set of procedures


Double Eyelid Surgery | Double Eyelids Creation

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty, more commonly known as Asian Blepharoplasty or Double Eyelids Creation blepharoplasty surgery can be performed.
There are several ways to create double eyelids – the non-surgical and surgical ways.


Non-Surgical Eyebag Removal

Most of us would think that eyebag removal entails going under the knife. Fret not! With emerging technologies, an advanced korean medical device called now allows our doctors to perform this non-surgical eyebag removal with minimal downtime and minimal discomfort.  


Dark Eye Circle Treatments

 Many people do. They make a person look old, tired and sleepy, and are often the subject of ridicule by people. The strange thing is that there are not many who completely understand how eyebags and dark eye rings come about, and what are the


Eyelash Growth Treatment

Do you have short lashes since young?
Want to grow your natural lashes longer, fuller and darker in just 2 months?
Did the last round of lash extensions pull out all your lashes?
Do you suffer from weak lashes and easy breakage?


Creating Bigger Eyes

Want to Have Big Doll-like Eyes?
Unfortunately, many Asian ladies are born with genetically small eyes. The common reason for this is that the width of the eyes are too small, the epicanthic fold is too strong, and the opening of the eyelids (aperture of the eye) is too small.


Eye Wrinkle Treatments

Do you have crow’s feet and fine lines below the eyes?
One of the most effective and immediate treatments for this problem is to inject a muscle-relaxing solution into the wrinkles around the eyes.


Laser Eyelid Lift

Are your upper eyelids droopy or saggy?
Do you wish to have a brighter, bigger eyes, but are too afraid of surgery?
Is there excess skin/fats in your upper eyelids?
If yes, our Laser Eyelid Lift may be the right treatment for you!