Laser Treatments

We have a variety of Medical Lasers to produce effects like – Skin Rejuvenation for renewing your skin,
Scar Reduction to remove scars, Pigmentation Removal for removing moles, sun-spots, freckles, and other pigmentation woes
Pore Tightening, and Tattoo Removal. Find out which type of laser is best for your skin problems…


Scar Treatment

Do you have unsightly scars or keloids? Did your years battling with acne leave you with pock marks all over your face? If so, we have the solution for you. Many people are unaware that advances in technology have made scar treatment a real possibility. If you have scars on your face, don’t be discouraged. We are now able to reliably treat and improve skin that has been severely damaged and scarred.


Acne Treatment

Acne is now easily treatable with the right medicine. With the right combination of medicine, creams, and procedures, we are confident of treating all forms of acne, from tiny closed comedones to angry nodules and cystic acne. With over 10 years of experience in treating acne, our doctors at TCS Aesthetics Central are able to recommend a program which will minimize side effects of acne therapy, while promoting quick results.


Ultra-V Nose Threadlift

The latest craze for lifting up your nose in Singapore and Korea! Get a sharper, more defined nose for 1-2 years using our nose threadlift!The latest craze for lifting up your nose in Singapore and Korea!


Skin Whitening / Pigmentation Treatments

We have a wide variety of skin whitening and pigmentation treatment options, ranging from Cosmelan, 3D Cell Regeneration, Laser and Crystal Tomato. Find out more about these options today.


Tattoo Removal

We have experience in removing a wide range of tattoos, including tattoos from very delicate and sensitive areas, including: Eyelid Tattoos, Eyebrow Tattoos, Face and Body Tattoos.