Face Fillers in Singapore - Nose, Chin, Cheek and Lip

Looking for a quick fix?

Fillers are one of the most gratifying treatments available in Singapore to you, without the costly price.
With NO INCISIONS, NO SURGERY, and NO DOWNTIME, you can walk out of the clinic with a youthful appearance and more confidence.
Why are fillers so popular nowadays? We provide a deeper insight for more people to know the potential and results that fillers can offer.

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Fillers and muscle relaxant injections are often confused by many. Our face lose volume as we age. A filler injection simply “fills” in the loss of volume in the face. Very fine needles are used to deliver the filler with precision to an area on your face in need of that extra volume, thus minimizing the pain of the injection. The filler is typically composed of an inert material that the body is familiar with. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural compound that occurs naturally in and under the skin, and is the most commonly used filler, also found in Juvederm. As such, the body can metabolise and absorb, thus making the fillers highly compatible with the body.
Newer fillers have been discovered with more creative applications, which brought the usage of fillers beyond to just replacing loss of volume from ageing. These include chin fillers to create a desirable face shape, and nose fillers for nose shaping, and they are also best complemented with the Rejuran
Contrary to popular belief, fillers are not painful at all! In addition, we use the USA’s No 1 and No 2 brand of dermal fillers and Juvederm. The greatest thing about fillers is that with these brands, the treatment is almost completely painless. The reason is because the latest generation of dermal filler and Juvederm XC contain lidocaine, which is a local anaesthetic. With this new innovation, patients feel little to no pain during the injection. Therefore, many people who have been put off by painful filler injections in the past are rediscovering the joy of injecting fillers.
Anyone can use fillers. You do not need to be ageing or aged to benefit from fillers. Young people increasingly are using fillers to shape their face to achieve tall noses and sharper chins, and less rounded faces.
Hardly any downtime is experienced with fillers. Some swelling inevitably occurs with any filler injection. However, the swelling is usually not obvious, and resolves quickly, usually within one or two days. Hence the appeal of fillers as a lunchtime procedure is rapidly increasing.
The common side effects of fillers are infection and migration. The filler will be injected in a sterile environment, but because fillers are injected through the skin, there is always a tiny hole through the skin which bacteria can still pass through to infect the filler. Therefore, aftercare for the first 24 hours is very important. Care must be taken to keep the injection points clean and not to contaminate them with bacteria. If infection occurs, the common treatment would be to take antibiotics orally. Migration or shifting of the filler can occur when the filler is still soft. This is usually during the first 1-2 days after injecting the filler. However, shifting can rarely occur many months after injection. To correct shifting, a simple touch up is required.
Yes! That’s the best news. If you don’t like what you look like with fillers, it is a simple matter to remove them. With hyaluronic acid fillers for example, a simple injection of an enzyme can quickly dissolve the filler in minutes.

Where can fillers be injected?

Here are some of our popular filler options available in Singapore:
Do you suffer from having a low nose bridge or a round tip? No worries! Having a nose filler can help. Within 5 minutes, we can inject a filler material that provides an instant lifting effect to your nose bridge and sharpens your nose tip! Being unique individuals with different aesthetic and ‘art’ sense, your treatment is customised. This means, you are able to decide how slim, elegant and natural looking you wish for the appearance of your new nose.
Many Chinese ladies have a round face. Injecting a chin filler is a fast and instant way of making the face look slimmer, with a sharper jaw profile, creating an almond shaped face or the coveted “gua zi lian”. This is one of our MOST popular filler treatments, because the difference is quite dramatic, and because a lot of Chinese ladies have predominantly round faces.
As we age, our nasolabial lines get deeper and more obvious. A dermal filler can be injected into the laughter lines to provide an instant lift and reduce the signs of aging. It is important to pay attention to our laughter lines once we hit 30. This is the age that the lines tend to deepen and the constant folding of the skin creates permanent creases and wrinkles that are present even when not laughing. In order to prevent this, the use of a dermal filler reduces the folding of the skin, and prevents formation of wrinkles.
Thin lips are obvious signs of aging and loss of lip volume is especially noticeable once we hit our early 40s. Fuller lips can be created by a simple injection into the lips. In the past, this used to be a very painful affair, because the lips are so sensitive. However, with the newer fillers with local anesthetic mixed in, this has become very simple and comfortable. The main drawback of this is the short duration because lips are always moving from talking, eating and kissing. Hence the constant motion tends to shorten the life span of the injected fillers. However, the effects are well worth the short duration.
As we age, our cheeks lose fats. These cheek fats are important support for skin on our lower face. When the cheeks are deflated, the nasolabial folds (laughter lines) and jowls (bulldog fats) begin to sag. By replacing the volume of the cheeks with fillers, your nasolabial lines are lifted and your jowls will be reduced to restore a youthful appearance to the face.
Just try it and you will be amazed at the difference! All it takes is 5 minutes to complete this procedure for instantaneous results and years off your face!
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