Unfortunately, many Asian ladies are born with genetically small eyes. The common reason for this is that the width of the eyes are too small, the epicanthic fold is too strong, and the opening of the eyelids (aperture of the eye) is too small. These factors contribute to our typical “Asian” look, and though attractive in its own right, is sometimes not desired by our ladies.
There are many tricks to getting your eyes bigger. Of course cosmetics is one way of achieving this. Using double eyelid tape, dark eyeliner and iris-enlarging contact lenses can make the eyes look bigger. However, nothing quite does the trick like our surgical techniques that help to create natural, beautiful looking and of course big eyes.
The first trick is to have a set of double eyelids done, if you don’t already have one.  Double eyelids pull back the upper fold of eyelid skin, and allows the eye to open wider, up to the point of the lower eyelid.  IN addition, it removes the downward pressure on the eyelashes, allowing them to curl upwards naturally and therefore makes them look longer and the eyes brighter.  Read her for a thorough description of how we create double eyelids.
The aperture of the eyes (the up-to-down opening of the eyelid) can be affected by a simple procedure to shorten the muscle that opens the eyes. This procedure uses stitches placed on that muscle, in order to open the eyes wider. If the opening of your eyes is “slitty” or “sleepy”, then you may be suffering from this condition known as “ptosis” (pronounced TOH-SIS). This procedure, known as a “ptosis correction” will be able to correct that condition and open the eyes wider, creating more beautiful and bigger eyes. We have several techniques for ptosis correction, depending on whether you have a serious case of ptosis, or if your yes are are normally small and you just would like to enlarge your eyes to make them bigger.
The left-to-right width of the eyes can sometimes make the eyes look far apart, and very small. This is common in those of Chinese descent. To solve this problem, a surgery to release some of the skin on either side of the eye is done. This procedure is known as epicanthoplasty, and can be done on both the inner and outer sides of the eye. increasing the width of the eyes.
There is a fold on the inner side of the eye known as the epicanthic fold. This fold is prominent in a lot of Asians of Chinese descent. Cruelly, this is sometimes known as the Mongolian look. It makes a person have a wide space between the eyes, and makes the eyes look slanting upwards, and small. The solution to this is a skin release known as a “medial epicanthoplasty”, which allows the eye to look rounder and bigger.

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