Do you wish to:

  • Have bigger breasts without large, unsightly scars
  • Lose an inch or two of fats around the waist at the same time?
  • Have a permanent breast augmentation without implants or fillers

If so, you may wish to consider Breast LipoFilling using LipoKit, a leading fat transfer system from Korea.
Breast LipoFilling is a technique of fat transfer, which harvests fats from other parts of your body to be injected back into your breast to make them bigger. With LipoFilling, you can achieve permanent breast enlargement with almost no visible scars around the breast.
The advantages of LipoFilling are that we can use material that is completely natural to your body to achieve breast enlargement and augmentation. Fats transferred from other parts of your body are your own cells and therefore look and feel extremely natural. In addition, once fats have been successfully transferred, the results are permanent (after approximate take up rate of 60%). Fat cells also have less long term risks compared with breast implants. For example, the risk of late infection is much, much lower than implants. Risk of contracture and hardening is also much lower.
During breast LipoFilling, 2 stages are performed. Firstly, we will need to “harvest” fat cells from parts of your body where it is not needed. For most ladies, this is the tummy, thighs or buttocks. Depending on the amount of augmentation requested, we will need to harvest between 500 to 1000 cc of fat. We then use the LipoKit system to spin down the cells and separate the oils and non-viable cells from the good fat cells. With this system, we are confident of a higher survival rate of the fat cells. Using very fine cannulae, we will inject these cells into the skin and tissues around your breast. This will cause the breasts to be enlarged. After LipoFilling, the breasts may be initially larger than the final result. This is due to swelling and also because some fat cells may not survive the transfer. Usually, about 60% of the fats transferred will survive, so the breast usually decreases in size over the first six months. After these six months, the final result is achieved. In some people, the survival rate of the fats is higher, and in others this may be lower. There may be small puncture holes at the breast crease, and around your areola. These are usually only 2-5 mm in diameter and usually heal very well. There may also be small scars over the sites where we have performed liposuction on the abdomen or thighs. These are usually about 5-10 mm in diameter.
There are risks to any procedure, however fat transfer using LipoFilling is relatively safe. The common side effects of LipoFilling are similar to the effects of liposuction (for harvesting the fats) and fillers (after injecting the fats). A common concern is the possibility of causing breast cancer. Fat transfer by LipoFilling does NOT increase the risk of breast cancer. In some patients after fat transfer, the 40% of fat cells which did not survive the journey from the tummy to the breast may leave behind small calcifications, which are visible on mammogram. In the past, these used to confuse radiologists when they performed mammograms, so that they could not rule out breast cancer. Today, with modern mammography techniques, calcifications caused by fat transfer are distinguishable from breast cancer by the radiologist.
There is no danger to pregnancy and breastfeeding after LipoFilling. However, if you are currently breastfeeding or pregnant, we will advise you to hold on till you have completed breastfeeding to perform your operation.
The difference between implants and fat transfer LipoFilling is that for LipoFilling, the amount of enhancement is relatively smaller. Depending on the size of your chest, between 100-300 cc can be injected to each breast. Because an average of 40% of fat cells will not survive the journey, you will be left with an enhancement of between 60-180 cc. Using implants, there is no reduction of breast size, so we are able to enlarge the breast up to 400 cc in a single operation. What does this translate to in real life terms? With LipoFilling, a permanent increase of 1 cup size is realistic. With implants, it is possible to get a much bigger augmentation of the breast in a single operation. Also, some ladies who are very petite may not have enough fats to harvest for the LipoFilling. They may need to put on some weight before the surgery.

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