What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is the first BDDE free stabilised HA (Hyaluronic Acid) injectable based injectable product.
The Profhilo has one of the largest concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid globally (64mg/2ml). Not only does it boost & hydrates your skin, it ALSO remodels ageing tissues!
The Profhilo generally lasts in your skin for approximately 28 days. During this period, the stimulation of 4 types of collagen & elastin happens.
This stimulation will bring about a great tissue improvement. Hence, Profhilo isn’t “just another skin booster” as it also has a lifting effect on your tissues.
The Profhilo is thermally cross-linked. This generates stabilised hybrid complexes of H-HA & L-HA. Even though it has high HA content, it’s inflammatory profile is low & it has pro-healing properties.
By using a patented technology, this results in hybrid cooperative complexes between low-molecular HA & high-molecular HA without using any cross-linking chemical compounds!

The NAHYCO Technology

Thermal cross-linking changes the behaviour & character of the HA. This leads to a formation of cooperative hybrid complexes which modulate the tissues. This results in the different biological behaviour with respect to L-HA & H-HA alone.
One of the key advantages is it’s longevity. The hybrid cooperative complexes have proved to be extremely stable with natural hyaluronidase (BTH) digestion when being compared to H-HA which is highly used in biorevitalisation, or L-HA itself which leads to the long-lasting release and the dual properties of both of the HA components.

The BAP Technique

The BAP technique was specifically chosen to maximise the diffusion in anatomically respective areas.
– The administration of 5 injections per side
– Lower pain (slower injections)
– Lesser possibility of bruising
– Lower treatment sessions
– Better patient compliance

Treatment Regime

Depending on the severity of your skin laxity, an initial cycle of 2 to 3 sessions is recommended, followed by maintenance every 6 months thereafter.

Who is Profhilo for?

 It is suitable for anyone with low to moderate skin-aging. The Profhilo will provide skin hydration, improve your skin texture & tighten your skin.

Downtime & Discomfort

No downtime is associated with the Profhilo procedure. However, it is highly advisable to avoid the consumption of blood-thinners (e.g alcohol etc) at least 24 hours before & after the procedure.
At Aesthetics Central Clinic, our doctors & team takes great pride in reducing the discomfort of the treatment while maximizing it’s efficacy. We’ve curated a trinity of recommendations to ensure a comfortable procedure for you:

  • Application of numbing cream before the procedure
  • Handpicking tiny needles
  • Implementation of the BAP technique

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*Disclaimer: Results for each individual may vary. This article is solely for educational purposes and shouldn’t replace a physical consultation with a qualified aesthetic physician.