A 5 minute nose job?

Yes it’s possible!
You can now choose to have your nose bridge raised without any downtime or bleeding. While traditional nose jobs (rhinoplasty) will require you to take a week off to recover from the post-operative pain and swelling, the ‘modern rhinoplasty’ using fillers requires only a few minutes. This procedure has the added benefit of safety and is a good way of previewing how you look, before a nose job subsequently.

Your personalised treatment

As everyone is different, our personalized interactive approach allows you to see immediately the effect of the filler, thus allowing you to have control over the final outcome of your nose. Whether you choose just a small lift of the nose bridge, or a more pointed tip, or to correct a bad hump or profile, we can advise you and adjust the filler to your exact requirement.
A high degree of artistry is required to “sculpt” your nose to a naturally beautiful form. We listen to you and pride ourselves on having that good aesthetic sense, which allows us to produce the most aesthetically pleasing result together with you.
In addition, after the injection, if you should change your mind about your new appearance, the entire process can be quickly reversed using another injection.
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