Hate your dark eye circles?
Many people do. They make a person look old, tired and sleepy, and are often the subject of ridicule by people. The strange thing is that there are not many who completely understand how eyebags and dark eye rings come about, and what are the treatment options for them. Most people with problems around the eyes have either one of the following conditions, or a combination of them. They may be due to:
Dark eye circles
This is caused by a number of factors, the commonest being thin skin below and around the eye region, which has fine blood vessels running below the skin. This causes the skin to take on a bluish, blackish tone which is commonly referred to as “panda” eyes. Many factors can contribute to this, including insufficient sleep, excessive rubbing, chronic allergies or just being born with very thin skin around the eyes.
This is actually caused by the overactivity of the pretarsalis muscle, which is active in closing the eye. When this muscle becomes too big, it forms a large “eyebag” under the eye, which is not only unattractive, but also casts a shadow on the skin below the eye, making it look even darker. This eyebag can be treated easily with a simple injection of an injectable, in order to reduce the bulk of the muscle and improve the lightness under the eye.
Many people have very prominent deposits of fat in the layer under the skin surrounding the eye. This “fat pad” protrudes over the level of the skin, causing an unsightly bulge which may make a person’s eyes look “dopey” or “droopy”. These are eye bags and can be easily removed through a short operation which leaves no visible scar.
As we age, the laxity of the skin on our face increases. This leads to sagging of the skin, which may occur anywhere on the face and body. The area around the eyes is not spared. Increased laxity of the skin causes multiple lines and even worsens wrinkles. Skin can be tightened using various techniques, most notably laser and creams to produce a lifting and tightening effect.
In treating dark eye rings,the first step is to correctly diagnose and understand the conditions which cause it. Many beauty salons approach eye rings by simply applying cream after cream, when the real underlying factors such as allergies and vessels are not adequately addressed.
An assessment is undoubtedly beneficial before a solution can be proposed. At TCS Aesthetics Central, dark eye circles is one of the most frequent treatment we render. Depending on the cause, we are able to address dark eye circles complaints with treatments which may involve a combination of creams, laser and natural vitamin supplements, with optional injections or pills.

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