✔ Want a taller and sharper nose, tip or bridge, but are paranoid about scars?
✔ Tired of having fillers done repeatedly and are now ready for a more permanent solution?
✔ Wish to get the shape and definition offered by rhinoplasty?
Then scarless nose implant surgery may be right for you! This technique that we use is widely used in top surgeries in Korea to create beautiful and sharp noses. It involves placing a conventional nose implant, but using a very special approach, which does not leave any scars on the face.
This is a technically demanding technique which allows us to hide the scar of the surgery in the mouth (near the gums of the upper teeth). A small incision is made within the mouth, above the gumline near the upper lip. With this, we are able to avoid completely the risk of placing any scars on the face. The implant is then advanced along the bridge of the nose and is held in place by your own nose bridge bone and its surrounding tissue (called the periosteum). Another approach is to place the incision inside the nostrils, such that there is no visible scar on the skin.
The procedure is done under twilight anesthesia. This means that we will give you a sedative to make you slightly drowsy, thus you will not feel any pain and not remember the sensation of pain during the procedure. We do not do any procedures under general anaesthesia as we feel that this is an unacceptable risk for our patients.
Some patients may not be suitable for scarless technique, depending on various factors, including the original shape of the nose, the width of the nose and the bony prominences. These patients may need additional corrective measures to achieve the desired shape. In some of these cases, a tiny scar may need to be placed on the columella of the nose, just below the tip, to facilitate access to the surgeon. This scar is very small, heals extremely well and is invisible except on close inspection. Most people, including your loved ones, will not notice the scar after it is completely healed.
The type of look you wish can be conveyed to the surgeon performing the surgery. As our Plastic Surgeon is trained in Korea, he will be able to create different aspects of Korean style rhinoplasty for your nose. He will be able to control various aspects of the nose, including the height of the nose, the width of the nostrils, the width of the nose bridge, the pointiness of the tip and the length of the nose.
Depending on the height of the nose implant, the width between the eyes may be slightly reduced. This is common, but frequently many Chinese ladies desire this look to enhance the length of the eyes, making the eyes look bigger. We will show you the effect this has on your face when you come for your consultation.
After the surgery, there is mild swelling of the nose. This usually resolves mostly by one week. However, some residual swelling may take up to 1 month to resolve, so the results will be better after a month. If further nose correction surgery is done which required stitches to be placed, these may need to be removed after a week. We usually place tapes on the nose for a week after the surgery to reduce the swelling faster, and to ensure that the implant does not move.
If you are unsure of whether you will look good after scarless nose implant surgery, we can always offer you nose fillers injection to see if you like the look before nose implant surgery. However, we would like to point out that nose fillers can never replicate the look created by nose implant and correction, where we can create a much more defined and sculpted nose using surgery. Our plastic surgeon will make recommendations on how to improve your nose to give you the shape and structure that you desire. It would also help greatly if you can bring us a picture of the kind of nose that you wish to have.
Get the nose that you have been yearning for all this time. Contact us now at 6221 8221 to get personalized information on how we can create the perfect nose for you.