During pregnancy, breastfeeding, the breasts are engorged with milk. After lactation has stopped, the milk ducts shrink and the breast reduces in size. However, the skin is already stretched and therefore the breast is no longer as perky as before. Repeat this cycle for as many kids as you have and the final result is a breast that now has too much skin and not enough volume. In this situation, all that is needed to give the breast the much needed breast lift is to replace some volume into the breast. This breast volumizing can be achieved via several routes. Either with fat LipoFilling, or breast implant. If the excess skin is not too much, this is all that is needed to restore the breast to a very attractive shape. This works well for a lot of our Asian Chinese ladies as they usually start out with smaller breasts, achieve a nice breast size during pregnancy, and lose that volume after breastfeeding stops. How do you know if this is for you? If you find yourself wishing that you were back to the pregnancy/breastfeeding size, then all you need is a top-up of your breast volume!
Which is right for you? If you have some excess fats in your waist/ hips/ arms/ thighs, LipoFilling is a very attractive option as it then becomes a two-in-one where you can lose inches around problem areas while replacing the much needed volume in the breast. If you don’t have enough fats to spare, then a  breast implant is recommended for you.
Some women just have excessively large breasts, either due to weight gain, pregnancy, or genetics. This can lead to stretching of the suspensory ligaments and skin of the breast over time and result in sagging with age. In this situation, two things need to be done. Firstly, the weight of the breast needs to be reduced, and this can be achieved by removing part of the breast and fats around the breast. Secondly, a procedure may need to be done to reduce the excessive skin around the breast. This can be done via an incision around the nipples and below the breast. By reducing the extra skin and breast tissue, the breast can be significantly lifted so that it looks better in clothes and swimwear and also allows a more active lifestyle. The nipple can also be repositioned such that it is not pointing downwards. In a lot of our cases, the nipples and areolae are also reduced at the same time, so that it is not excessively large.
Some ladies have either been overweight and lost a significant amount of weight subsequently, or may have had very large breasts during breastfeeding or pregnancy days, only to reduce in size afterwards. The skin of the breast is thus overstretched, and may not revert back to its original shape, even though the size is just right. In these cases, we just need to remove the excess skin around the areola and below the breast, and this would result in reduction of the areola, correct positioning of the nipple and significant lifting of the breast, restoring an attractive shape to it that looks good in clothes and swimwear.
We will usually use mild sedation called “twilight” sedation, that makes use of common sedative drugs. No general anaesthesia is needed as the procedure is not really that painful. We also make use of local anaesthetic to further reduce the pain involved and thus improve the safety profile of the procedure.
Usually for patients who need skin removal, there would be small stitches placed on the breast. This may need removal after 10-14 days. Often we do not need to have stitch removal as we may choose to use absorbable stitches that are absorbed by your body. Most patients are back to work after a day of rest, if the work is not strenuous.
Only a detailed consultation with our Plastic Surgeon can confirm the type of procedure needed for you. We will advise you in more detail on the procedure, complications and expectations during the course of our consultation
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