Les yeux sont le miroir de l’âme (French saying of: the eyes are the mirror to the soul).Unfortunately, not everyone is born equal and/ or is blessed with a set of attractive eyes. Some self-conscious individuals are embarrassed about how their eyes look, as many consider large eyes with double eyelids and no eyebags as the gold standard for perfect and gorgeous eyes. Today, cosmetic and plastic surgery has become a widely accepted way for many men and women alike to achieve their own definition of this gold standard.Many men and women have different natural eyelid conditions, such as absence of bilateral upper eyelid crease, unilateral upper eyelid crease, asymmetrical upper eyelid crease, partial upper eyelid crease, multiple or faint upper eyelid crease or droopy upper eyelid crease.

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty, more commonly known as Asian Blepharoplasty or Double Eyelids Creation blepharoplasty surgery can be performed.
There are several ways to create double eyelids – the non-surgical and surgical ways.
NOTE: Asian Blepharoplasty (Double Eyelids Creation blepharoplasty surgery) is performed for aesthetic/ cosmetic reasons. Thus, Medisave cannot be used for blepharoplasty surgery. If, however, blepharoplasty is done for functional reasons, for instance, if the upper eyelid skin is drooping and affects one’s vision and the blepharoplasty surgeon performs a Ptosis repair surgery, then Medisave may be used.
Many ladies DIY and use special glue and stickers to create temporary double eyelid creases, in their attempt to create better-looking eyes. This is however, very short term and they often have to go through this process on a daily basis.
There are many blepharoplasty surgery techniques used to create double eyelids. In essence, the main differences between these blepharoplasty surgery methods lies in how long lasting and how much scar is left on the eyelid.
Traditionally, only incisional (cutting) blepharoplasty surgery technique could produce lasting results to correct the various different eyelid conditions. However, the incisonal blepharoplasty surgery technique will involve the blepharoplasty surgeon cutting and removing part of the upper eyelid skin, with the subsequent need for removal of stitches. There is also a potential noticeable long scar on the eyelids when they are closed. This method is however, a great and effective correction technique, if there is an excess of skin or muscle or severe eyelid skin drooping.
Traditional non-incisional blepharoplasty surgery techniques that are being practiced may not produce lasting results and patients may have to repeat the procedure after a relatively short time. This is especially true of older suturing (“stitching”) blepharoplasty surgery techniques which are prone to thread slippage and breakage and resulting in loss of the created eyelid line.
In recent years, a new and innovative ‘scarless’ double eyelids creation technique was invented. It is also known as the Double Suture and Twisted (DST) Technique for ‘Scarless’ Double Eyelid creation.
As noted by Dr. Charles Lee, certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Board of Otolaryngology, a published report (over a 10 years follow-up) has shown that DST method of blepharoplasty surgery has approximately 1% risk of breakage and loss of fold per year.
At TCS Aesthetics Central, we practice this new ‘scarless’ double eyelids creation technique of creating natural looking double eyelids. The duration of the procedure lasts less than an hour and there is shorter downtime and post-operative swelling, as compared to the incisional blepharoplasty surgery technique.
We are proud to be certified and personally trained under Dr. Akihiro Minami (renowned plastic surgeon) and the inventor of Double Suture and Twisted (DST) Technique, in his surgical practice in Japan.
Dr. Akihiro Minami (renowned plastic surgeon), the blepharoplasty surgeon who invented this innovative ‘scarless’ double eyelids creation blepharoplasty technique has performed 1,108 of such procedures during the past 10 years. The results demonstrate no case of loss of double eyelid line after follow-up periods ranging form 1 month to 7 years, with a mean follow-up time of 32 months.
This technique embraces all the benefits of non-incisional blepharoplasty surgery techniques and yet produces longer lasting results comparable to some of the previous traditional incisional blepharoplasty surgery techinques.
The DST method has been proven to last due to the unique double suturing within the eyelids. It produces virtually no scarring because no significant incisions are made. Thus, allows the procedure to be potentially reversible, simply by removing the sutures, in the event patients change their mind on their newly created double eyelids.
The added advantage of the DST method is that because this blepharoplasty surgery method does not involve the removal of the upper eyelid skin, the worries of permanent deformity due to over removal of the upper eyelid skin and the resultant long scar is almost non-existent. The DST method can also correct all the above mentioned upper eyelid conditions, as well as revise some of the over or under correction of upper eyelid surgeries performed with the traditional cutting technique.
The main risk for the DST method is suture failure. This happens when the suture in the double eyelid crease line breaks or become loose and results in loss of the double eyelid crease. This can happen when there is aggressive rubbing or can simply occur over time (usually over a few years).
Over the years that we have been performing DST, we have adapted and modified this technique to suit local eyelids, and improved on the result and longevity of the procedure. This improved process ensures better control of the tail end of the eyelid shape, and reduces risk of breakage or loss of eyelid fold.
The most important step is to be assessed by a trained doctor, who will assess the condition of your eyes and determine if you are a good candidate.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Because each individual’s definition of beauty is different, only a skillful and experienced doctor will be able provide you with personalized advice and do a variety of simulation on the eyelids, so that you will be able to decide for yourself if you like what you see and if the doctor’s “art” and aesthetic sense is consistent with that of yours.
This allows you to make an informed decision instead of simply going ahead with the procedure, because that is what the practitioner can create. (NOTE: Not all doctors provide patients with simulation of the eyelids.)
Next on, markings will be drawn on the upper eyelids before the exact procedure. Thereafter, local anesthetic (LA) will be injected on the eyelids. Do expect some discomfort during the injection. The doctor will begin the procedure after about 15 minutes, so as to allow the LA to work and the blood vessels to constrict to minimize bleeding. No pain will be felt thereafter, but you may feel some pulling.
The procedure will take about 30 minutes or less.
Swelling and bruising are inevitable after the procedure and the quality and rate of healing is unique for all individuals. For most patients, up to 50% of the swelling will subside after the first week, while the remaining swelling may take an average of 3 months or so to go down, although there are some patients whose swelling persists for more than 3 months.
After few days of healing:
Some slight swelling is still noticeable, while bruising had subsided totally.
LA reduces the likelihood of failing to notice post operation complication such as bleeding, which can be overlooked if the patient is sedated and insensitive to pain and discomfort.
Further, with the administration of LA, patients are less likely to feel nausea and/or throw up after the procedure, compared to when general anesthesia is used. This is beneficial, because should vomiting happen, it may cause a rise in pressure and result in additional bleeding, swelling and bruising around the eyes.
In summary, we, at TCS Aesthetics Central, can offer you the following benefits of a double eyelid surgery:

  1. ‘Scarless’ as it does not involve long scars from traditional cutting
  2. Lasting results
  3. Shorter downtime and ability to return to work within a shorter duration, compared to traditional cutting technique
  4. No removal of stitches needed
  5. Choice of low, medium, high height of double eyelids
  6. Choice of tapered, parallel and flared double eyelids
  7. Natural looking as it folds along the natural crease and does not involve removal of skin
  8. Potentially reversible, should you change your mind
  9. Suitable for existing upper eyelids that are/have:
    1. moderate sagging
    2. moderate puffyness
    3. moderate fat tissue

At TCS Aesthetics Central, it is not just about performing a blepharoplasty surgery to create double eyelids. We listen to you and provide personalized advice such that an informed decision is made together with you on what is the best looking and most natural-looking double eyelid for you.
With our experience in creating hundreds of double eyelids, we are able to not only create double eyelids, but also correct a wide variety of different problems.
This will enhance not just your eyes but ensure a harmony of features that will further augment your facial beauty.
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At TCS Aesthetics Central, we are committed to providing the highest standard of care to all our patients. All our surgical procedures and outcome are documented and constantly reviewed. This is part of the centre’s emphasis on quality patient care, safety record and good clinical outcomes. We have built on the legacy left br Dr Richard Teo and now offer a service which is superior to the original DST offered by this clinic 6 years ago.