3 Simple Procedures to Dramatically Turn Around Your Flagging Sex Life

The best kept secret is no longer a secret.  Vaginal rejuvenation can improve you and your partner’s level of enjoyment, and restore a youthful looking vagina.
✔ Have you had multiple childbirths and now feel looseness in your vagina?
✔ Do you suffer from reduced sensation for you and your partner when making love?
✔ Does your vagina no longer have the same youthful appearance?
If you are suffering from these symptoms, then perhaps you can consider our vaginal rejuvenation treatment.
There are a few different treatments involved in our Total Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment.  In a nutshell, what we can do for you, is to repair the damage done by multiple childbirth and aging. Depending on your condition, we can improve various aspects of the vagina. For example, we can remove saggy skin around the clitoris (clitoral hood) to improve sexual enjoyment, trim excess skin flaps from the vaginal labia and most importantly, we can tighten the vaginal wall muscles to reduce the looseness of the vagina.
Our plastic surgeon will assess your vagina and recommend the optimal corrections needed to improve both the appearance as well as the functions of the vagina. Through his years of surgical experience, he will be able to suggest a good balance between surgical correction and downtime to ensure a smooth recovery to full function.

What can be done?

As we age, and after the stretching trauma of childbirth, there is usually excess skin surrounding the clitoris. This has an effect of reducing the sensation during sexual intercourse. Using a minimally invasive technique, our plastic surgeon will carefully trim some of the excess skin from around the clitoris, to allow for greater sensation and exposure during sexual intercourse.
With aging and repeated childbirth, the muscles around the vagina become looser and reduce the sensation of tightness during sexual intercourse. By tightening the ring muscles of the vagina, we can restore the original tightness of the vaginal opening, improving sensation during sexual intercourse for you and your partner.
The labia (or lips) of the vagina are flaps of skin on either side of the vagina. As we age, and with repeated childbirth, the flaps become bigger and look less attractive. We can improve their appearance by reducing the size of these flaps to look more like a youthful vagina.
After sexual intercourse, the hymen of the vagina (often associated with virginity) is torn. We can recreate this membrane to restore the appearance of a virgin vagina through a simple repair procedure.
The procedures are usually done under local anaesthesia and with careful infiltration technique, pain from local anaesthetic injections is minimized. No general anaesthesia is required, although if you are very afraid of experiencing pain during the procedure, we can offer a mild sedation to calm your nerves and make you sleep during the procedure. Post operatively, there may be slight pain but this is manageable for most patients with normal pain killers.
We usually use completely absorbable stitches so that there is no need for a second procedure to remove stitches in most cases.
Depending on the procedure done, this can be between 1 to 4 weeks. Initially, there may be some tightness and discomfort especially after vaginal tightening is done, but this will get better with repeated sexual intercourse.
Yes, normal vaginal delivery is possible after total vaginal rejuvenation.
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