“For the first time, drugs & products are being delivered into the skin, not on it nor underneath it” – Dr Dan Del Vecchio

“We use the AQUAGOLD system primarily for texture and fine lines, large pores and overall, it’s sort of like a mega, mega, mega, facial” – Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr Mary Lupo.

When time passes, the collagen & elastic fibers in our skin breakdown, and our skin appears drier, rougher, less firm & less healthy.
Skincare products & traditional facials may partially improve the appearance only on our skin surface, the AquaGold Fine Touch treatment restores your beauty & skin health from within!
Experience Aesthetics Luxury with our new painless micro-channeling technology!
Aesthetics Central Clinic is one of the pioneers to bring in this new unique & revolutionary AquaGold Fine Touch into our sunny shores!
The AquaGold Fine Touch is a patented gold-plated hair-thin needle system to painlessly deliver customised solutions into your skin at a precise 600 micron depth.
It is also a step up from the traditional microneedling procedures, fillers & injections. It covers a huge treatment area & delivers skin rejuvenation solutions deep into your dermis, allowing them to be absorbed more effectively with a single administration.
How is the procedure like?
Your skin will be cleansed & the selected solution is carefully inserted into the delivery device. The AquaGold Fine Touch is applied to the treated areas (by our Doctors) and the tiny hair-like microneedles penetrate your skin, delivering the solutions painlessly. The entire procedure takes only 15 minutes and it has no downtime! However, some patients may experience some redness on the treated areas for a few hours to a few days.
Results can be seen just after 1 treatment, but for optimal results it is generally best to do it consecutively (monthly) for the first 3 months, followed by 1 maintenance treatment after 6 to 9 months.
The AquaGold Fine Touch microneedles are thinner than human hair.
The AquaGold Fine Touch is best for patients who’re looking to:

  • Obtain a dewy, glass-like skin
  • Improve the overall skin quality
  • Smaller Pores
  • Smoother Skin
  • Reduced Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Overall anti-aging properties

What should I expect from the AquaGold Fine Touch?
 This treatment is pain-free, due to it’s hair-like thin microneedling system
 NO downtime, and the treatment only takes 15 minutes!
 Results are seen within a week even with just 1 treatment. For best results, 4 treatments are generally recommended.
 Results typically lasts for up to 6 months!
This treatment is done by our Doctors, NOT therapists!
After the treatment(s), expect a dewy glass-like skin, smaller pores and reduced fine lines & wrinkles!
Your investment is only at a modest $588 excluding GST per treatment, and these are done by Doctors!
Transform your skin now! As one of the pioneers in Singapore to bring in this patented treatment, you can also be the first few to start your journey towards a brighter & younger looking skin – Done by doctors, no downtime & pain-free!
For appointment bookings, please kindly contact our concierge at 62218221 / 97268856 (sms/whatsapp available).