V-Lift Nose Threadlift Singapore

The latest trend to hit Korean and Singapore shores, is the V-lift nose threadlift!
One of the most fashionable trends in Korean aesthetics now is a slim an defined nose bridge. This tall, elegant nose is much sought after, but is difficult to achieve with fillers, and in the past could only be obtained with nose implants.
What are the procedures that make up the coveted Korean eye?
Enter the V-Lift Nose threadlift.
Using fine, absorbable PDO (Poydiaxanone) suture threads which are inserted into the bridge and columella of the nose, a lifting and narrowing effect is seen on the nose bridge and nose tip. PDO is an absorbable thread material used commonly in surgery for stitching up internal organs like the liver and intestines. Over the course of one year, the threads are absorbed, but during the time that the threads are in the body, it excites the tissues around it. This leads to the formation of new collagen fibres in its place, maintaining the effect for longer. It is not unusual for the effects of the nose threadlift to be seen even after two years.

FAQs about V-Lift Nose Threadlift

The procedure is very simple and takes only ten minutes to complete. Firstly, the nose is anesthetized using tiny injections of local anaesthetic on the nose. This is the only painful part of the procedure. Once the nose is completely numbed, the threads can be inserted. There are long and short threads. Long V-Lift threads will be inserted to lift up the bridge of the nose. Short V-Lift threads will be inserted on the tip of the nose to lift it up.the nose threadlift to be seen even after two years.
The nose bridge is sharper and narrower, and straighter. There is more definition on the nose bridge. The nose tip is raised and creates the illusion that the entire nose is smaller and narrower.
The main risks of the threadlift are infection, which occurs in less than 1 % of cases. The other risk is thread extrusion, where the thread may push out from below the skin to the surface of the skin. If this happens, the thread will simply. need to be pulled out. Nose threads are inserted from the tip of the nose, so there will be a small “pimple” like mark on the tip of the nose. This heals up quickly, usually within a few weeks.
Keep the injection point very clean. Do not keep touching it and do not go swimming or engage in dirty sports like soccer etc, where the entry point could be contaminated. There will be mild swelling for between two to three days. This goes off quickly. The nose looks natural immediately after the procedure but when the swelling goes down, about 10-15% of the height will be lost.
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