Almond shaped symmetrical jaws without plastic surgery

Surgery-free face shaping and contouring

Many asians have a square jaw or rectangular jaw, making the face look squarish or round and accentuating the “plump” look. In order to look slimmer, non-surgical face slimming for square jaw reduction is an option. How this works is by an injection into either side of the face, which relaxes the muscle and makes it shrink over a few weeks time. The end result is a much softer angle of the jaw, which helps to create the ‘gua zi lian’, almond shaped face or ‘V’ shaped face.
This effect lasts for six months or longer, depending on how you maintain it. Avoid chewing hard foods, nuts, ice and hard steaks, and your results will last longer!

Treatment for Bruxism and TMJ syndrome

In addition, in stressful Singapore, many people suffer from a condition known as “bruxism” or “teeth grinding”. This causes the muscles of the masseter, which lies on the jawline of the face to become very big and strong. The habitual chewing of hard foods and snacks can result in bulging muscle at the side of the jaw. This ‘square jaw’ appearance is further accentuated by the smaller facial structures of Asians.
Non-surgical facial contouring is able to reshape the face and sharpen your features. This results in an attractive almond shaped face shape for the ladies and a youthful sleek look for the guys, which is highly noticeable. So don’t be surprised when people comment that you look slimmer!
With just 2 simple injections, we are able to help you reduce the pain and inconvenience of bruxism. This works by reducing the strength of the muscle that causes bruxism so that the grinding is reduced significantly. Injections to reduce the strength of the masseter muscle are now the accepted form and mainstay of treatment for grinding of teeth at night, and effectively reduces headaches and temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) aching.
The traditional treatments for bruxism used to be mouth guards to soften the impact of the clenching, but with injection treatments, this has pretty much become treatment of the past.
So why wait? You will feel better as well as look better after taking this simple treatment!

Your personalised treatment

As everyone is unique, we will adjust the dose required, upon an assessment of your facial muscle, based. Some individuals require more while others may require lesser to obtain an optimal result. With this approach, we are able to cut down on unnecessary top-ups which may cost more in the long run, and spare you the repeat injection discomfort!
Contrary to popular belief that non-surgical face slimming and contouring only lasts 6 months, various studies in Korea show results to persist after 2 years and beyond.
In addition, latest evidence shows that after the treatment, there is some bone remodelling and even the bony angle of the jaw reduces in size, making these changes permanent.
Price ranges from SGD400 – SGD1,200, dependent on the number of units used.
Act now, a more beautiful face shape and jaw contour could be yours! Call 6221 8221 today.