One of the most effective and immediate treatments for this problem is to inject a muscle-relaxing solution into the wrinkles around the eyes.
This is a purified protein called “botox” (pronounced as “BOH-TOCKS”), that is carefully and strategically injected in tiny microdoses into the muscles that are responsible for creating the wrinkles around the eyes.  When the effect of the injection takes place about 3-5 days after the jab, the muscles will be slightly relaxed and this softens the expressions created by the muscles, and correspondingly, reduces the wrinkles and fine lines.
This is effective for crows feet, fine lines below the eyes, frown lines and other wrinkles created by excess facial expressions.
The effect can last on average for 4-6 months and repeated treatments may stretch the duration of action. In all cases, the effect is temporary, so if you do not like the effects of this treatment, you only need to wait for it to fade off with time.
With the injection, we can use big or small doses. We have patients who are on either end of this spectrum. If smaller doses are placed, then the look is more natural. If the patient wishes to have no wrinkles at all, then a larger dose is placed. Of course, we only charge for the amount of protein injection used, so it’s all up to you. If you are very concerned about looking frozen, then it’s better to start off with a smaller dose, and add more if the result is not fully satisfactory.
The latest paradigm about these injections, is that it is better to start young and prevent the onset of wrinkles and fine lines. You see, skin is like paper. If it folds excessively, over time, a crease (or wrinkle) will be formed. For our patients, we start as early as late 20s to 30s, and we usually start with small doses to soften the expressions, instead of big doses to freeze the face.

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