What’s the dead giveaway of a person’s age?

The answer is: THEIR HANDS.
When a person ages, skin on the whole body ages together with it.  Some areas faster, some slower.
The areas which are prone to sun exposure, repeated friction and trauma and drying effects of detergents and air conditioning, will be the first to show signs of aging.  Therefore, our hands are particularly susceptible.  Most patients take excellent care of their face, applying creams daily and going for facial treatments.  However, most people neglect to care for their hands.  As a doctor, I am pretty good at guessing a person’s age.  The dead giveaway?  Just look at her hands.
What are the common problems manifested?
A lot of patients in their forties develop pigmentation and sun spots over the sun exposed areas of the hands and arms.  These are treated with repeated sessions of the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and with chemical peels to remove pigmented spots.  Treatment is quick, relatively pain-free and requires minimal downtime.  The upside is clear smooth skin with less pigmentation.
Wrinkles on the hands, especially the back of the hands, together with prominent veins and tendons is a sign of thinning skin.  This can be improved with a hyaluronic acid filler, using a ultralight filler with low viscosity, very different from that used on the face for volumizing.  Boosting the skin volume brings back a young smoothness and fullness to the skin of the back of the hands.  One session is usually enough to create a visible difference, but repeated treatments 3 months apart may produce even better results.
Over-exposure to sun makes the skin darker.  One way of whitening the hands (and body) is to use Crystal Tomato.  Containing a tomato extract from a special breed of white tomatoes, this food supplement concentrates mainly in the skin and produces  powerful antioxidant and whitening effect.  This effectively prevents aging and whitens skin after 2-3 months of continuous usage.  You must remember to use a good sunblock with this, and we recommend SPF 50-90 Heliocare gel based sunblock for its efficacy and smooth, non-oily consistency.
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