Wish that you can:
Remove unwanted fat from your body?
Shape your body to a more attractive and defined contour?
regain the youthful figure that age and childbearing have taken away?
reshape trouble spots that just don’t respond to diet and exercise?

Liposelection by VASER® allows you to have this body shaping experience in just one session!

Liposelection selectively removes fat while leaving the surrounding tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue relatively intact – which means a lower down-time recovery and no hospitalization. That means you may possibly get back to work the within a couple of days.

The VASER Lipo System received FDA Clearance for body contouring in September 2002.
Thousands of VASER Lipo procedures have been performed worldwide.

VASER® Lipo, or Liposelection®, uses an ultrasonic technology that is tissue-selective. The ultrasound energy targets unwanted fat, but preserves other surrounding tissues – such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue – to promote smooth contours and rapid healing.

Maximum results and minimum downtime are what you can expect with VASER® Lipo.

How fat is being stored is determined by genetics, thus, fat distribution is unique in every individual.

Fat in the waist, thighs and hips are one of the most difficult, exercise and diet resistant areas to slim down. Especially in females, the thighs and hips has a higher level of fat-storing enzymes, which enables them to store fat during pregnancy. This also explains why many ladies find these areas as the top problem areas.

Others have distinct fat deposits along the backside of lower waist (aka lower back) and liposuction performed on only the abdomen is usually not aesthetically satisfying.

Common areas treated by VASER Liposelection include, but not limited to the following:
☆  VASER@ Torso
☆  VASER@ Arms
☆  VASER@ Legs
☆  VASER@ Back
☆  VASER@ Male Chest (Gynecomastia) Reduction
☆  VASER@ Face/ Cheek
☆  VASER@ Jaw/ Neck

Many patients are concerned about this, because they do not want to get asked why they have a tiny scar on a particular body region, and this is one of the most frequently asked question patients email us with.

During the liposuction procedure, incisions will be placed discreetly. For instance, for a typical abdominal VASER, one incision will be “hidden” within the belly button. To allow the VASER probe to effectively emit ultrasound waves to liquefy the fats on the far left and right side of the lower abdomen, two incisions will be placed near the bikini line (refer to arrow in blue).

Despite being less invasive than traditional liposuction, it is prudent to keep in mind that as with any form of liposuction, bruising and swelling will set in and can last for between 3 – 5 months. The body will naturally undertake the task of healing the bruising and swellings. The color of the bruises will appear in hues of pinkish red (circles in green) immediately post VASER, reflecting the colour of blood beneath the skin. Following that, the bruise will turn purplish black as hemoglobin in the blood undergoes a change. Thereafter, the colour of the bruise will turn greenish and then, fading to yellowish tint, before healing to the colour of the skin tone.

All healthy individuals, with stubborn fat spots and have realistic expectations are potentially good candidates for liposuction. Because fat distribution and personal expectations (which are unique for all individuals), are the 2 most important factors to patients’ satisfaction, a consultation with an experienced doctor, is inevitability most beneficial, prior to deciding if one would like to undergo liposuction.  Because liposuction is a potentially hazardous procedure with serious consequences including mortality, you are advised to declare all your pre-existing health conditions to the doctor during the consultation.

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For both men and women, the torso is one of the most common areas to be treated by VASER® Liposelection. Fat tends to be distributed on all the areas around the torso, including the upper and lower abdomen, love handles, flanks, ribs and lower back. For men, more fat collect around the flanks, while for ladies, more fat tend to collect around the flanks and lower abdominal region. If one has excess and lax skin, tummy tuck may be more beneficial.

Patients’ satisfaction is very high with circumferential abdominal VASER Liposuction. When combined with thighs and/ or back liposuction, results of a slimmer and more sculpted body can be achieved. Patients often comment that they have more confidence when their newfound natural-looking silhouette.

Fat has a tendency to build up from the mid to upper arm (covering the triceps). Fat arms are common and more noticeable in women. Unsightly dangling folds of fat can be removed effectively, making the arms look more proportionate to the overall body, thereby improving the appearance of the arms. In our hot and humid weather, where sleeveless top are desired, VASER® Liposelection of the arms is very popular among patients with fat arms and often is another treatment area that yield the highest rate of satisfaction with patients.

The anterior axillary fat (fat pads from the front of the arm pits, sometimes described as “double breasts” by some patients) and/ or posterior axillary fat (fat pads on the back sides of the arm pits) are often another cosmetic problem for even fairly slim ladies. These ugly bulges may be caused by tight fitting bra or be pre-determined by an individual’s genetic makeup, hormones and age. These fats can be removed during the same session with arms liposuction.

Attractive legs are characterized by a gradual tapering from the thighs to the ankles. Fat deposits on the thighs are especially pronounced in all the 4 parts of the thighs and are resistant to diet and exercise.

Genetics also play a huge part in how one’s legs look. Often, even the relatively slender may have inherited the legacy of “thunder thighs”, where their thighs are often disproportionate to the rest of their body, distorting the figure and making it difficult to find clothes that fit.

Inner Thighs
For many females (although this occurs in men too), inner thighs fat often poses a problem. It is however more obvious in women due to the width of the pelvis, which in turn affects the position of the thigh (femur). The common complaint is that the constant rubbing of the inner thighs is uncomfortable and can cause sores, which can lead to infection. In addition, it can change the shape of the buttocks.

Outer Thighs
Other more common areas are the genetically predisposed outer thighs (saddlebags), front thighs (for some individuals, they may experience fat bulges on their knees) and back of the thighs that stubbornly persist, despite exercise and diets.

Usually, patients who have got fat deposits around their thighs have more than one problem concern. Circumferential VASER® Liposelection of the thighs is most commonly performed. It is not only able to contour and reduce the fat around the thighs, it also provides relief at not being bothered by the rubbing of the inner thighs, and of course, better fitting clothes.

The knees, being the mid-section of the legs, are often being looked at judged when we look at the overall shape of the leg. Some people have bulgy knees, which often cause them to lose self confidence in wearing skirts, dress or shorts that require them to expose their knees. Knees liposuction can effectively remove fats from the inner knees.

Calves and Ankles 
Liposuction of the calves and ankles are the least performed liposuction areas because the calves are made up of mainly muscles, while the ankles is the most delicate area of the leg and they affect mobility.

Calves and ankles liposuction is reserved in situation where they are seriously out of proportion with the rest of the legs.

However, liposuction in these areas can affect the appearance considerably and is a rewarding experience, when performed with care and with the right candidate. For bulky calves, an injection to relax the muscles is often administered.

Fat deposits are largely determined by our genes. However, back fat often worsens as we age and make us look bulkier and heavier than we really are.

Fat on the back are the densest and most fibrous of the body. Back liposuction is often one of the most challenging for the surgeon. It is, however, is another area that produces good aesthetic results and improvements after treatment, especially around the posterior waist fat and the female back flanks (roll of bulging fats just below the bra line), which may be caused by tight fitting bra (wearing a bra with small band).

VASER® Liposelection can effectively contour the back, offering a smoother back with a great boost of confidence, each time you flaunt your back.

Some men are unfortunately genetically predisposed to have excess fat (and for some males, breast tissue) on their chest. This may cause significant social embarrassment especially at public places, such as public bathrooms or the swimming pool. VASER® Liposelection can sculpture these gentlemen’s chests to give them a more masculine appearance and restore their confidence.

A vast majority of Asians have short faces and ample facial fats. This gives us a rounded facial appearance even in very trim people. Many people are dissatisfied with this appearance, and as such, opt for facial toning and sculpting to improve the contours of the face.

As we age, we develop more fat in the lower jaw, chin and neck area, often creating a “double chin” effect. This, coupled with poor skin tone, causes wrinkles, sagging and laxity and is often a dead giveaway of one’s age. VASER® Liposelection of the face and neck can dramatically improve this cosmetic concern. Combined with laser or chemical peels, one can look forward to looking a more youthful look.

NOTE: Although removal of fats is permanent, liposuction:
✘  is NOT a solution for individuals looking to lose weight. This is because fat is lighter than water. Thus, even though 3 litres of fat may be removed, you will not lose as much weight. You can, however, expect an improvement in the contours of the treated area.
✘  CANNOT cure obesity and/ or cellulite (although some improvements are noted in some individuals with cellulite),
✘  CANNOT remove stretch marks.

It is important to remember that a regular exercise plan and healthy diets after liposuction is essential in achieving the slimmer permanent re-shaping, as fat cells can expand with weight gain.

As fat distribution is unique for everyone, we charge only for the specific body area that requires treatment. For instance, if you require only treatment for the lower abdomen, you will only be charged for liposuction treatment of that specific body area. You do not have to worry about the need to pay for what you need not treat.

Do note that there there may be a one time charge, on top of the per-area charge. This is to cover the cost of the operating theatre and consumables. The other optional items are the anti bruising medicine and body sculpting gel.

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