Using the latest version Infini protocols to achieve the best possible results for you. We can treat deep acne scars that are deemed “untreatable” by most other clinics. That’s because we have been treating acne and acne scars for over 8 years now.

Ultra V-Lift HIKO Nose Threadlift

The latest craze in Korea and Singapore now. Get a more defined nose and taller tip using Ultra V-Lift Absorbable threads. Lasts 1-2 years and is a safe and quick treatment! Minimal downtime! Sharper than fillers!

Robotic Hair Restoration

TCS is proud to be the first clinic in Singapore to bring you robotic hair restoration services. Using this FDA approved system from the US, the ARTAS robot is able to treat hair loss problems like male pattern baldness, hair loss due to excessive pulling & hair tying, eyebrow plucking and aging.
Get your pores Deep-Cleansed today! No more painful facial squeezing and bruising and infection after regular facial treatments! With our New Signature 3D Cell Treatment Series, this is now possible! Want to stop having painful facial treatments with no more squeezing, bruising and pain? At TCS, we have created the perfect facial treatment to replace all your conventional facials for good.
Ever wanted big, beautiful eyes but worried about the scars? With our scarless double eyelid surgery, we can reliably produce consistent symmetrical and beautiful results, with minimal downtime and almost no scars. Best of all , the results are very lasting with no loss of eyelid fold even after 10 years! Rely on our years of experience and hundreds of double eyelids created to give you the best results! Performed by our Korean-trained plastic surgeon.
Look Tired? Looking haggard? Dark Eye Circles make you look like you had an all nighter? If you have been getting these comments from your friends, maybe it’s time to think about getting those eyebags removed. It’s easier than you think, with our scarless eyebag surgery, you can get those eyebags removed in 40 minutes and back to work the day after. Look ten years younger today!
Do you experience sagging cheeks, skin and eyes? Time for a face lift! With Infini Non-Surgical Face Lift, we are able to lift the face without surgery. We use fractional RadioFrequency treatment to deliver RF energy deep into the dermis of the skin, resulting in skin tightening and a refreshed, more youthful appearance.
Tired of repeated injections of fillers? Make it permanent with LipoFilling. We are able to take unwanted fats from parts of your body, and inject them back into your breasts to make them fuller and lifted. With the LipoKit system from Korea, we are able to ensure greater sterility and better fat survival after transfer. Best of all, you will look slimmer in the places where fat has been removed. So that makes it a perfect-2-in-1 procedure! Prices are reasonable and start from SGD3,900 per 100cc of fats transferred.
We offer both options of competitively priced breast fillers and silicone gel breast implants for a more permanent solution. We use FDA-approved Mentor brand breast implants with natural feeling MemoryGel Cohesive silicone implants. All implant surgeries are at a flat rate – there will be no additional charges for larger implants. At our current price starting from SGD10,900, there is no better time than now to call 6221 8221 for an appointment.
Bookings are now open for VASER Liposelection. VASER Hi-Def is an advanced skill that only a few VASER trained doctors have acquired. Call today for more information at 6221 8221.
Are you troubled by pigmentation and spots? The revolutionary Cosmelan facial whitening peel is a painless depigmentation peel that can effectively lighten melasma and pigmentation, while our zero-downtime Q-switched ND:YAG laser effectively treats sun damaged spots and freckles. Regain fairness and smoothness at a cost from only SGD1,599. Package includes Cosmelan 1 peel with Cosmelan 2 Cream, Vital-K factor Cream, and 1 complementary session of ND:YAG laser, which is perfect for removing any stubborn pigmentation that remains. Call now to book your appointment at 6221 8221.
Troubled by acne scars? One of the most common complaints we see at our clinic is persistent scars after acne. We have the experience to treat purple/red and depressed acne scars. With the YAG laser, Fractional CO2 laser , and Infini Fractional RadioFrequency (RF) treatment, acne scar troubles are a thing of the past. Our treatments are low-downtime, and permanent solutions.  Call now to book your appointment at 6221 8221.
Prices are subject to change at short notice, depending on availability.