No one likes eyebags. Eyebags are primarily formed due to the weakening muscles; alongside the loosening and sagging of soft tissues & fats because of gravity over the long run. There are also several other factors, such as the lack of sleep, stress, genes & the degeneration of collagen (as we get older). In return, they make our eyes look puffy & tired, and aged looking. Proper diet or more sleep or expensive eye creams will not remove these eyebags! They can be graded based on their severity, and if you already have them now, they will invariably get worse with age.
Most of us would think that eyebag removal entails going under the knife. Fret not! With emerging technologies, an advanced korean medical device now allows our doctors to perform this non-surgical eyebag removal with minimal downtime and minimal discomfort.
It is an advanced Korean technology that utilises various types of patented micro-insulated needles to deliver precisely calibrated radiofrequency waves into the eyebags. The skin is microscopically punctured at a carefully controlled depths to achieve two important goals:

  1. Burn away and reduce the bulk of the unwanted loose fatty tissues. The fats then gets removed naturally by our own circulatory system. 
  2. Tightening of the skin overlying the eyebag, and this induces new collagen synthesis, with the remodeling creating a tighter skin. Fine lines can be improved as well!

A photograph of the Device which our Doctors will be utilising during the treatment.

Each treatment procedure takes only 20 to 30 minutes of your time!
A numbing cream is first applied over the skin of the eyebag area.
This is followed by anaesthetic injections to numb the deeper parts of the eyebags.
Specially patented sheathed microneedles are then inserted to specific depths to melt the unwanted fats that created the eyebags, as well as the tightening of the overlying skin with the formation of new collagen. 
After the procedure, cooling pads are then applied to soothe the treated eyebag areas. A topical antibiotic cream will be prescribed for use after that. 
They can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years, and a repeat procedure can be performed when there are hints of recurrence years later. It is also strongly recommended to adhere to the post-procedure instructions given by our doctors and to adopt a proper sleeping regimen as these may affect the longevity & quality of the results. 
Visible improvements can be seen 2 to 4 weeks after one session!
More sessions may be required for more severe eyebags. Please kindly note that each individual has a different severity level of eyebags and hence, it will be advisable to allow our doctors to personally assess your situation so that they will be able to provide a more accurate assessment. 
After the treatment, there may be some mild redness & swelling which should go off by itself after a few days. Unlike surgery, there is no need for any surgical incision, comes with minimal risk of scarring and no stitches are required. You can already to put on light makeup & concealer the very next day, and you can proceed with your usual daily activities without a hassle unless specified by our doctors.
Our doctors & clinic assistants will carefully explain & provide a detailed explanation prior to your very first procedure. It is also worth noting that it is extremely important to adhere to the post-procedure instructions given by our doctors to minimize any complications, such as the topical application of an antibiotic cream & to massage the eye area very gently. It is also extremely important to highlight to our doctors if you’re wearing pacemakers, taking blood thinners or having an upcoming major social event soon – For safety reasons & quality control. 
If you have deeply etched static crow feet wrinkles at the corners of the eyes that are ever present even when you are not smiling, they can be improved too with another specific set of microneedles.  Best results can be achieved when the procedure is performed in conjunction with neuromuscular blockade and PN/PDRN injections. 
Milia and sebaceous hyperplasia that plagues the eye area can be handily removed with just a single treatment with minimal downtime.
Over time, our youthful upper eyelids become lax, skin seems to fall causing redundant folds. It can be employed to tighten the droopy skin and slow down the process of aging. 
Your investment for each session will be at a modest price from SGD$1,500. A customizable & personalized plan may be arranged during the consultation.
These are the following payment methods available at Aesthetics Central Clinic: Cash, NETS, Amex, Master, VISA and 6 or 12 months interest-free domestic credit card instalment plans for Citibank, OCBC & UOB. 
It empowers us the ability to reduce eyebags with the following key advantages :

  • Incisionless 
  • Minimal downtime 
  • Wrinkle reduction 
  • Repeatable results  
  • Natural looking 

Every patient with concerns about rejuvenating the eye area deserves a detailed evaluation and personalized treatment regimen that may or may not require adjunctive procedures such as brightening lasers, PDRN treatment, botulinum toxins, hyaluronic acid fillers.
To book a consultation with our doctors, please kindly contact our concierge at +65 6532 2400 or +65 8318 6332 (sms/whatsapp enabled) from Mondays to Fridays (10am to 8pm) & Saturdays (10am to 5pm). Alternatively, you may also drop us an email at Please kindly note that it is highly recommended to arrange for an appointment so that our doctors & team can personally dedicate their time for you.