Obtain enhanced contour & youthful look in just 1 treatment with Thermage!

Outline Enhancement with 3D Skin Tightening

As we age, collagen in our skin breaks down and causes the formation of wrinkles, sagging & loose skin. Thermage 3D Skin Tightening Procedures with the patented Mono-polar Capacitive Radiofrequency (RF) technology are designed to deliver heat uniformly into the deep skin layers to kick start the natural renewal process of collagen. This results in an immediate tightening and a well-defined 3-dimensional feature.

Youthful Looking Skin in just ONE Treatment!

Thermage 3D Skin Tightening Procedures work extremely well with your eyes, face & specific parts of our bodies. Thermage helps to smoothen & tighten your skin to reduce wrinkles and improve contour without any surgery nor injections.

Why Choose Thermage?

  1. FDA Cleared: It is the only non-invasive eyelid treatment with FDA clearance
  2. Well-established safety profile: Over 10 years of clinical experience
  3. Intensive collagen stimulation: Histological studies indicated that the technology heats the dermis up to 75 degree celcius, which is the optimal temperature range for effective collagen tightening & remodeling
  4. Single treatment: Clinical studies showed that the effect of 1 treatment can last up to 12 months
  5. Little to no downtime: You can get back to your normal routine immediately after the treatment.

Thermage Total Tip 3.0

Thermage Total Tip 3.0 heats up the entire skin tissue evenly, and delivers as much as 2 times greater bulk heating volume in the skin. It stimulates the collagen uniformly and consistently, enhances the tightening and contouring effects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The results of collagen tightening include:

  • Smoother, tighter skin with less sagging
  • A more defined jawline & chin contour
  • Softened wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, eyes, forehead and knees
  • Tightened skin under the arms, buttocks & chin.

After the treatment, the results will continue to improve in the first 5 months and its effects can last up to 12 months according to clinical research studies. The results are subject to skin condition, age, natural aging process, lifestyle and diet.
Unlike laser procedures, Thermage 3D Skin Tightening procedures work on all skin types & tones. You do not need to avoid the sun after the treatment.
The treatment requires no special aftercare. You usually can get back to your normal routine immediately following treatment.
It depends on the area of concern & number of shots. Please contact us for a non-obligatory quotation.
On average it takes 45 minutes, depending on the treated area. Hence, it is a suitable skin tightening treatment for individuals with time constraints.
Your journey towards a youthful looking skin is just a call away! Call us now at 62218221 or 97268856 to arrange for an appointment with our doctors!
Disclaimer: Please kindly note that the effects & results depend on each individual’s skin condition, age, aging rate, lifestyle & diet