Why Those Pesky Dark Spots Appear After An Acne Breakout

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Having an expected pimple or two is frustrating enough, but the acne marks and scars it leaves behind will make you feel worse. Your breakouts may be short-lived but the aftereffects can be long-lasting, which is where acne scar treatments come in as an effective solution to help get rid of acne scars. Not all acne scars include indentations on the skin, thus it is helpful to distinguish understand more about these dark spots left behind by acne.

Why do you get acne marks

Known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, it is a result of the body’s inflammatory response and natural healing process to the breakout. There is a surge in hormones production which sets of the melanin-producing cells. This revs up pigment production, thus creating the mark that will last for several weeks to months. When the skin is healing and closing back together (after the pimple is popped), the acne lesion can cause a mark and uneven tone of the skin.
Getting one or two pimples can be manageable, but if you’re facing a handful of spots every month, treating these marks may have a setback. It is more advisable to get an active acne situation under control first before tending to the marks. Without proper acne treatment, it can end up being a self-defeating task as a new spot spring up frequently.

Improve your acne marks

If you’re looking to improve your skincare routine to treat the hyperpigmentation, incorporate products with ingredients like Vitamin C, niacinamide, and glycolic Acid. They provide benefits like slowing down the melanin production, speeding up the turnover of pigmented skin cells and fades away pigmentation. Use sunscreen regularly to reduce your chances of worsening your post-inflammatory pigmentation and at the same time, protect your skin from sun-induced effects like fine lines.
For an added boost, there are treatments available in aesthetic clinics to help address your acne marks and hyperpigmentation concerns.

  • Crystal Tomato is a skin supplement comprising of carotenoids from non-genetically modified white tomatoes. These tomatoes are specially cultivated to produce colourless carotenoids with skin lightening properties. Results such as improvement in skin tone and texture, and increase in skin suppleness have been recorded.
  • Q-switched laser involves the use of an energy pulse to apply to the skin where it is then absorbed by the colored pigments such as acne marks and sunspots. The pigmentation will shatter into smaller fragments and get naturally eliminated by the skin and body.
  • PICO laser works similarly to deliver picosecond pulses and create a photoacoustic effect to break off pigments into “dust”, making it much faster and easier for the body’s immune system to clear away. This treatment has a shorter pulse duration and targets the pigments directly without affecting the surrounding tissues. It also helps to stimulate the collagen production to leave you with tighter and brighter skin.

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