How You Can Treat The Different Types Of Acne Scars

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Besides acne, scars are another thing you will have to deal with, and they can be more challenging. Acne scars are usually left behind after an inflammatory acne breakout, when skin tissue is damaged. They are often developed when people pick at and pop pimples which also damage the skin and cause scarring. It is best to find out the type of acne scar you have so you will have a better idea in looking for acne scar removal in Singapore to address your specific skin concerns.

How Acne Scars Form

The size of the scar left behind after a blemish depends on the depth of your breakout. As the pores become engorged with impurities and oil, before forming a blemish, they may swell and collapse the follicle wall. Shallow lesions can heal quicker and leave little-to-no scarring, while deeper lesions on the other hand, can cause a more pronounced scar.
There are four common types of acne scars:

  • Rolling scars – wave-like appearing with non-distinct, sloping edges
  • Boxcar scars – oval or round depressions with defined edges, that give the skin a pitted appearance
  • Ice-pick scars – narrow, deep and pitted scars, typically caused by severe cystic acne when the infection occurs deep in the skin

If you are suffering from severe acne, it needs to be brought under control. You can find cystic acne treatments in Singapore that offer a personalized solution for your skin condition and improve the breakouts. Then, you can focus on minimizing and getting rid of the acne scars for clearer complexion.

Laser Treatments for Acne Scars

Many depressed scars developed due to previous infection and inflammation during the healing process of a pimple.  As a result, fibrous bands form below the scars in the skin’s dermis later and distort the surface of the skin, which leads to a skin depression.
It is not sufficient to use surface treatments such as acid peels and dermabrasion in order to successfully treat these scars. Treatments will need to reach below the surface of the skin to break up the fibrous scar tissue as well as promote new collagen production to full up the depressions, resulting in a smoother and more even skin surface.
This treatment produces very fine beams and create zones of heat injury to the skin, which triggers the body’s natural repair process to rebuild lost collagen and increase in its production. It resurfaces the skin and as such, the final effect is a smoother, tighter and plumper skin with reduced scars. It is also beneficial in improving facial wrinkles, aged skin and uneven skin textures.
Radiofrequency energy is delivery through a fractional approach to stimulate deep collage production. Instead of emitting energy on the surface of the skin, this laser can safely bypass the epidermis with low risk of damage to the delicate layer, to stimulate our body to produce new collagen fibers which is essential in producing lifting, tightening, and wrinkle or scar filling effects.
Short for Trichloroacetic acid, TCA is a chemical peel that utilizes the CROSS (Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars) technique to treat deep acne scars especially pitted ice-pick scars. Using specialized focal technique, high concentration TCA is deposited in small amounts onto the surface of the scar which will trigger a local inflammatory reaction to form new collagen fibres. This process will stimulate collagen synthesis and skin thickening to improve your acne scar appearance safely and effectively, with minimal downtime.
Great for rolling acne scars, chickenpox scars and deep wrinkles, this is a surgical technique that helps to break down deep skin scars which are tethered down within the skin layer. A special needle is introduced to manually break down stubborn scar tissue under the skin, which releases the acne scars and restores the smooth contour of the skin. The post-subcision healing phase stimulates collagen growth and improvement of the scar appearance over time.
With a professional consultation from our doctors, you can find the right acne treatment solution for your skin.
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