Get Rid Of Your Pesky Blackhead Troubles Without Any Pain

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When it comes to annoying skin woes, blackheads can be a pesky one to deal with. They appear as dark, small bumps in areas around your face, especially on the nose. Blackheads are hair follicles that become clogged due to the accumulation of sebum, dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria. When the trapped gunk in the pores are exposed to the air, the buildup gets oxidized and turns black, hence resulting in a blackhead.
In the world of social media and selfies, these small bumps on your skin’s surface can dampen your self-confidence, and you would be trying various solutions to get rid of them as soon as you can.

How do you remove blackheads?

There are plenty of skin products for acne and troubled skin readily available on the retail shelves to clear up your blackheads. You will need to tailor your skincare routine to accommodate that product as it can be drying or irritating. If your skin gets too dry, it can produce more oil to compensate for the lack of hydration and clog your skin.
Blackheads can be extracted, and the safest way is to do it with a dermatologist or aesthetic doctor so it will produce less inflammation and cause a recurrence or a deep scar. However, there is also a much effective solution to reduce the frequency of blackheads so you can maintain clearer skin.

Deep cleanse your pores

Facial extraction treatments involve painful facial squeezing and poking, leaving your skin slightly bruised and cause potential infections to occur. At Aesthetic Central Clinic, our signature 3D Cell Regeneration treatment uses 50 Micron Jet Technology to deep cleanse and clean the pores in your skin.
Unlike most cleansing machines and treatments, these tiny high-pressure micro-jets are able to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the epidermis layer of the skin with almost no pain. The efficiency in cleansing the pore improves and thus, effectively clears the micro blockages that eventually lead to pimples, blackheads and acne.

Deliver nutrients to your skin

The 3D Cell Regeneration treatment is also able to deliver nutrients deep into the skin’s dermis layer of skin, such as Lactic Acid and carbonated Glycolic Acid which play a vital role in skin brightening and regenerating skin cells. This helps to promote skin elastin and results in hydrated and glowing skin.
In any skincare regimen, cleansing is a crucial step to care for the pores, remove dirt and reduce the risk of pimples or acne. Consistent everyday cleansing can help remove the day’s dirt, grime and makeup, but deep cleansing treatments can go a long way in making your skin clean and clear of blemishes.
This treatment can also complement any cystic acne treatments as it can be helpful to avoid clogged pores, which will lead to blackheads and acne.
3D Cell Regeneration treatment is available in our clinic. If you wish to learn more on the treatments or other procedures available such as cheek fillers, contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 97268856.