4 Fast Facts About Subcision Acne Scar Treatment In SG

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You’ve probably heard of microneedling and lasers when it comes to acne scar treatments, but there are also other ways to get rid of acne scars especially if it is more severe. Subcision tends to be more effective for treating atrophic or depressed scars, including rolling scars, besides wrinkles and cellulite dimples.
Many people are plagued with acne issues, and this skin condition can come with stubborn scarring that is difficult to remove. Subcision offers another option for acne scar treatments in Singapore for those looking to improve their skin texture and restore their complexion. Here are some facts about the procedure if you are interested in undergoing this treatment!
The term was coined in 1995 and it involves a surgical technique that is used to break the fibrotic strands manually, which tether the scar to the underlying subcutaneous tissue in the skin layers. The procedure starts with skin cleansing followed by a mapping of the scars using a surgical pen and local anaesthetic injection to numb the skin. A hypodermic needle will be inserted through a puncture, and the sharp edges of the needle will be directed to release the scar tissues that are anchoring down the skin.
Upon the breakage of scar tissue’s bands, this will release and lift the depression while promoting the skin’s natural healing process. At the same time, further collagen production will be stimulated to improve the appearance of your scar over time. During the subcision process, the release of scar tissue and the insertion of needle disrupt the blood vessels, allowing the accumulation of blood into the treated area. Your scars are temporarily prevented from reattaching and this generates growth factors which are beneficial for healing as well.
Face fillers can be used on its own to diffuse acne scars. But, together with subcision, they act as a buffer to stop the scar tissue bonds from reforming and reattaching to the skin. They are injected at the base of the scar and “fill” up the space of the acne scars while stimulating scar remodelling and collagen production. Thus, this provides a more lifted effect on depressed scars and improves its appearance. Common types of fillers used with subcision include Radiesse (Calcium hydroxyapatite), Rejuran Healer (polynucleotide) and Juvederm (Hyaluronic Acid).
Subcision is only suitable for certain individuals and not all acne scars are best treated by subscision. The morphology of scars and skin condition are a few considerations that doctors will assess before recommending subcisions. Some of these circumstances that would make you unsuitable for the treatment include having active skin infection, proneness to abnormal skin scarring like keloid scars, and currently using blood thinners or have a blood clotting disorder.
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