High Definition Sculpting – Only with VASER®Lipo

VASER® – Assisted High Definition LipoSculpture (VAHDL), or VASER® Hi Def™, is an advanced body sculpting technique. The procedure creates a sculpted, athletic appearance in males and females by precisely removing both superficial and deep fat around muscle groups in order to enhance the visibility of the underlying musculature.

Similar to 3-dimensional sculpting, VASER® Hi Def takes into account the shape and form of structures underneath the skin that create body contours. VASER® Hi Def is performed using the VASER® lipo system to selectively sculpt and remove fat in the desired treatment area.

Suitable for both ladies and men, VASER® Hi Def is designed to be a sculpting procedure rather than a debulking technique. Therefore, the procedure is intended for generally fit men and women who have good muscle tone without excessive amounts of fat or excess skin.

The typical patient maintains a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, but is unable to achieve the desired definition. VASER® Hi Def can be performed on multiple body areas including the abdomen, female breast, male chest, back, arms, thighs, buttocks, hips and waist.

VASER® Hi Def is now incorporated into our practice.

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