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We’re receiving an increasing number of enquiries with regards to the removal of body hyperpigmentation in Singapore. Hence, we felt a compelling need to draft this article to educate interested readers about the background, causes & ultimately an effective solution with regards to the body hyperpigmentation treatment in Singapore.

We strongly urge you to invest some time to read through this whole article so that you will obtain a better understanding about hyperpigmentation & it’s solution. If you’re only interested in our solution in removing body hyperpigmentation in Singapore, head straight down to the last section of this page!

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Axillary Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (aka PIH) is one of the more common skin concerns in women with darker skin types. However, it is not exclusive to women in darker skin types. It can also occur on men & patients with fairer skin as well.

There are 3 main causes of Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation: An Exogenous source, An Endogenous factor and/or An Infectious agent.
Causes of Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
Exogenous Source
Allergy, Burns, Contact Dermatitis, Dermabrasion, Irritation and/or Poor Laser Therapy
Endogenous Factor
Primary Inflammatory and/or Bullous Dermatosis
Infectious Agent
Herpes Zoster Virus Infection

Your degree, pattern & severity of Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation varies according to causative factors & the distribution of melanin in the dermis, epidermis or even both.

Next, we’ll touch on the forms of Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

Contact us now at 6221 8221 / 9726 8856 for a customized solution to remove body hyperpigmentation in Singapore!

It is extremely important to identify the forms of Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation as a customized solution will need to be crafted to achieve the most effective results. Hence, a detailed assessment & consultation by our doctors is strongly encouraged before diving into a treatment.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation usually appears as macules or patches in the similar distribution in previous areas of inflammation. There are two known clinical forms: Dermal and/or Epidermal.

Dermal Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation: It includes activation of basal keratinocytes, which also releases melanin, and are presented as dark brown to blue-greyish discoloration that may be permanent if not resolved professionally.

Epidermal Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation: Melanocytes are usually activated, and the release melanin which leads to brownish-tan or dark brown appearance & may take years to resolve (if untouched).

In most cases, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation is a combination of both dermal & epidermal lesions. The severity of the Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation varies depending on the etiological factors, “chromatic tendency”, certain medications, the amount of exposure to UV light, cutaneous injuries (e.g trauma or shaving) & skin type.

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Introducing… Our Jeisys Tri-Beam Qswitch Laser machine!

There are tons of Qswitch Laser machines in the market, so why did our doctors specifically handpick the Jeisys Tri-Beam machine? Hyperpigmentation on the armpit, hyperpigmentation on the back, hyperpigmentation on the buttocks or even hyperpigmentation anywhere on the body? We’re able to treat all of these areas!

The Jeisys Tri-Beam Qswitch Laser is used to remove unwanted Hyperpigmentation on the armpit, hyperpigmentation on the back, hyperpigmentation on the buttocks and even hyperpigmentation anywhere on the body!

It generates a laser pulse at the specific 1064nm wavelength on the targeted areas. The hyperpigmentation is broken down into tiny fragments which are eventually cleared away by the body naturally.

  • Safety: This machine is Korean-FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) and Health & Sciences Authority (Singapore) approved.
  • No Downtime: You can return straight back to your normal daily activities after each procedure.
  • Painless: No numbing cream is needed. During the procedure, you’ll only feel a “tingling” sensation.
  • More importantly, it’s efficacy (aka results): The Jeisys Tri-Beam has the most important function to enable the laser to be tweaked to the 1064nm wavelength which is especially effective in removing Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation! The 1065nm wavelength is more effective & it can penetrate into your skin and thus, effectively target dermal pigmented lesions which are deeper.
  • Protocol: Usually 4 treatment sessions at 2 weeks intervals, followed by maintenance sessions at least once a month. Do note that the protocol may vary according to patients.

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*Disclaimer: “Before & After” photos are strictly prohibited due to the PHMC Act. They can only be shown during the physical consultation. Also, while we’re well-equipped with the Jeisys Tri-Beam machine & certified doctors, we cannot provide a guarantee for results as each individual’s skin type is different.